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08 Jul, 2022

• Definition of Ragging Under laws in India, ragging is defined as: (i) Any disorderly conduct by either by acts or words spoken, the effect of which is teasing, treating or handling with rudeness any other student. (ii) Any rowdy or undisciplined activity, which causes annoyance, hardship or psychological harm; (iii) Raise fear or apprehension thereof in the minds of junior (iv) Asking the students to do an act or perform something, which such student will not do in ordinary course, which has the effect of causing shame or embarrassment so as to adversely affect the physique or psyche of a junior student • Punishments under Indian Penal Code against acts of Ragging Every single incident of ragging or abetting in ragging puts an obligation on the institution to get the FIR registered. There are provisions in the IPC, which can be used by a student to register an FIR in the nearest Police Station. These provisions are: 294 – Obscene acts and songs 323 – punishment for voluntarily causing hurt 324 – voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapon or means 325 – punishment for voluntarily causing grievous hurt 326 – voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapon 339 – Wrongful Restraint 340 – Wrongful Confinement 341 – Punishment for Wrongful Restraint 342 – Punishment for Wrongful Confinement 506 – Punishment for culpable homicide not amounting to murder • Punishable Ingredients of Ragging (i) Abetment to ragging (ii) Criminal conspiracy to rag (iii) Unlawful assembly and rioting while ragging (iv) Violation of decency and morals through ragging (v) Injury to body causing hurt or grievous hurt (vi) Wrongful restraint (vii) Wrongful confinement (viii) Use of criminal force (ix) Extortion (x) Assault/sexual offences/Unnatural offences (xi) Criminal intimidation (xii) Offences against property (xiii) Attempt to commit any or above of the offences (xiv) Any offence flowing from the definition of ragging • Consequences of Ragging (i) Cancellation of admission (ii) Suspension from attending classes (iii) Withholding/withdrawing scholarship and other benefits (iv) Debarring from appearing in exam/other evaluation process (v) Withholding results (vi) Debarring the student from representing in any national, international or youth festival. (vii) Suspension from hostel (viii) Restriction from institution for a period of 1 to 4 years (ix) Expulsion from an institution and barring from admission in any other institution. (x) Fine up to Rs. 25,000/- (xi) Collective institution
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